SOCAP President Matthew D’Uva was quoted extensively in an ABC website article written by popular SOCAP conference presenter and career expert Lindsey Pollak.

In the article, Matthew makes the case for why new college grads should consider a career in the association world.


LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter…oh, my! Online social networking is fast becoming a “must” for businesses and individuals. If you’ve hesitated to get involved or don’t know how, join us for this informative webinar. You will receive an overview of the three most important online networks and learn which ones are right for your goals.

Discussion topics include:

  • Understanding the social media landscape
  • A basic introduction to creating a great profile and using the best features of LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Trying Twitter
  • Growing your online presence
  • Answers to your most burning questions about Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

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A few days ago, Mashable (the top social media blog) ran a HOW TO: article on using Twitter for customer service. Here’s a quick overview of the points covered:

  • Step 1. Understand why Twitter is an ideal customer service platform
  • Step 2. Track the ENTIRE conversation around your brand
  • Step 3. Make customers aware of your presence
  • Step 4. Respond quickly and transparently
  • Step 5. Be engaged in the conversations
  • Step 6. Be authentic

Read the entire article. It’s well worth the read.